Don’t settle for ordinary- make your RV dazzle again

Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen circumstances that result in varying degree of damages to your RV might occur. Or it might be a longing to give your vehicle a new edge! Whatever your reason for opting for a new paint or some body work, you want to come out tops.

So how do you settle for the best RV paint and Body work service?

Cheap, untested, or incompetent? Certainly you won’t want to do that! The stakes are high and the risk is enormous– botched painting or body work and low quality results which will cost you more of your hard earned money, waste your time and truly disappoint. These are things you want to avoid.

Like every expert will tell you, RV painting and body work is just like an iceberg; most of it is underneath the surface. From damage evaluation to replacement of damaged body parts, the repair of dents and state-of-the-art painting, trust the experts at Auto Boss RV to provide the best solution that’s is perfect for your needs and budget.

Whether it is custom paintwork, accident repairs, minor damage or wear & tear we provide everything for you under one roof saving you more money and the hassle of visiting multiple service centers. Our technicians are familiar with genuine RV parts and the latest painting methods and they will make sure your RV looks the part so you can hit the road with confidence. 

Few good reasons why we are your top choice:

• We use environmentally friendly paints and ideal disposal methods to ensure maximum protection of the environmentWith us, you’ll be Guilt free yet playing a positive part in keeping the planet safe. 

• We offer highly competitively priced paint and body work services in Mesa. The goal is to help you save more and make your dream RV painting or body work tenable.

• With our colorimeter and computer-controlled paint mixing systemreading colors and achieving perfect color accuracy is not a fuss. We don’t settle for a shabby job, nor should you.

• Our services are tailored to your specific needs so as to produce the perfect results you desire. Here, one size doesn’t fit all so we can exceed your expectations.

• Our painting equipment allows us end up with a beautiful finish on all sides.

• Using cutting edge technology, dents and deformation can be fixed quickly saving you lot of time.

• You want to repair small damages inexpensively? Our minor repair services got you covered!

What we do:

• Accident repair 

• Re- Skinning

• Repair of hail damage and dents

• Rust repairs 

• Windshield renewal 

• Plastic parts repair

• Special paintwork 

• Replacement doors & body panels 

Mesmerizing RV Paint and Body work- Become a proud RV owner again in Mesa, Arizona!

We believe that some painting and body work are better than others. That’s why we bring our extensive experience and incredible expertise to bear to set you apart thus making your RV a statement and the start of a conversation.  Contact us now, we’ll be glad to make it happen for you. 480-986-1049