Prolong the life and performance of your Vehicle- enjoy a like new RV experience

Danger you’re not aware of might just be lurking at the next turn despite all your hard work and efforts to keep your RV running flawlessly. As you use your RV overtime, wear and tear sets in. When this happens, the efficiency and performance of the engine and other vital components will begin to decline leading to increase in fuel consumption and emissions. Plus, the added risk of a major repair that will cost you a substantial fortune is never far away.

This is where you should take the initiative and let professionals stack the odds in your favor. reliable and trusted routine maintenance service is a vital part of owning a RV. To get the better of the complex working that goes on in the many aspects of your coach functions including the engine & its computer-electronic systems.

Auto Boss RV utilizes specific approaches and cutting edge equipment to quickly service your RV. Our technicians are highly qualified with the necessary skills and certifications and are willing to respond to your needs and your questions- no matter how simple or demanding you think they are. 

Extending the longevity of your RV as well as keeping it running efficiently just like new with a reduced risk of it breaking down mid use is what we aim to achieve at Auto Boss RV.

Benefits of Routine RV Maintenance and Service 

Routine servicing is the best approach to maintaining the performance and function of your RV. Here all the major parts of your a RV is inspected by an expert, the moving components are kept well-oiled/ lubricated and damaged parts are replaced by genuine replacement parts. This will benefit you in a variety of ways:

• It is cost- effective: it is cheap to service your RV compared to the large amount you’ll be expected to pay in repairs. Regular servicing will go a long way to ensure you never have to embark on a major repair consistently because our experts are well trained to quickly identify growing issues. Once these issues of concern are identified and remedied, they won’t grow into bigger problems that will cost you more in repairs or replacements.

• Protects the value of your RV: regular maintenance ensures that your RV is functioning properly and looking its best. This means that should you ever decide to sell it, it will command a higher amount than a poorly maintained vehicle.

• Better Performance: if you notice that your RV is struggling to run smoothly, it may indicate that it needs a check. Old oil, clogged filters, poorly aligned wheels, and even poorly inflated tires are some factors that can add considerable amount of strain to the performance of your RV. By having it looked at routinely, the problem can be identified on time and corrected allowing you to enjoy the performance of your ride.

• It saves fuel– efficient engine performance means that fuel consumption is kept at the barest minimum. This in turn will reduce the pressure on your wallet.

• It is eco-friendly: a properly maintained RV will have less greenhouse gas emissions plus better fuel consumption is a step in the right direction to help conserve earth’s resources.

What to expect From Auto Boss RV- professional RV Maintenance and service in Mesa










Why you’ll love working with Auto Boss RV

• Trustworthy

As a local RV maintenance and service provider servicing in Mesa, Arizona, since 1996 we’ve earned a reputation for excellence and quality service delivery.

• Top-line Technology

Using the latest and best equipment available in the industry, we’ll get it right quickly for you the first time, case after case.

 • Locally based in Mesa

Based here in , we do our best to be of help to members of the community we genuinely care about. Quick response rate and emergency services just got easier too.

• Affordable Price

Chances are high you’ll not find a better RV maintenance and service company in and around  for our low service fees yet quality results.

• Security and Safety

Conveniently situated, our properties are safe for you and your RV. Also, all our staff are vetted, trusted and honest individuals with very positive reputations. 

• Industry Approved

We are reviewed and approved by the authorities in Arizona meaning your RV is in safe hands.

• Customer satisfaction

As part of our efforts to keep you in the loop, we’ll explain what has gone wrong (or not) and what is required to fix it. 

Additionally, we’ll stamp your service guide as appropriate, reset your service light where applicable and then provide you with a detailed service invoice that commensurate with the service that has been provided.

Don’t allow yourself to experience the horrible feeling of been let down by your RV mid-use or spending huge sums of cash on avoidable repairs. Allow our technicians to give your RV the proper help it needs- protect its value, improve its performance and reliability. Call us now. 480-986-1049