RV accessories installation & upgrades: RV Upgrades and Accessories You Should Consider

If you spend a lot of time on the road with your RV, then you understand how much accessories installation can improve your comfort when you’re on the road. When you invest in new upgrades and accessories, you are getting more from your RV than you previously have. It also does not have to be anything major like installing a solar-powered generating unit on your RV. It could be as simple as a Wi-Fi booster to improve your internet connectivity.

When it comes to RV accessories and upgrades, a good number of them can be done by yourself with massive increase in comfort to your getaways. Other accessories installations must be done by seasoned professionals to make sure that you get everything done properly

Hardwired Surge Protector

Majority of RVs are equipped with standard electrical outlets and could cost you your electrical appliances in the event of a power surge. To make your RV more resistant to electrical issues, you can install hard-wired surge protectors on the main electrical points of your RV. This will make sure that whenever you suffer a power surge, your television, laptop and other appliances are protected.

LED lighting

You can add beautiful LED lights to your RV either interior or outer which will reduce the power footprint of your RV. LED lighting is a inexpensive but popular upgrade to consider for your RV because it could help make your RV be even brighter at night. LED lights also last very long and save you money as you travel as well as a major heat reduction.

Solar panels

Most of the latest RVs now come with solar panels. If you own an older model, we can install complete solar panel kits. These solar panels come in different shapes and ratings and sizes. If you take long travels, like to go off the grid you should consider adding solar panels to your RV to help keep your appliances powered no matter where you are

Signal boosters and dishes

It can be annoying when you think about missing your favorite show or news broadcast because you are traveling in your RV. If these are not included, we can assist with adding or updating these devices. We can install a brand new complete satellite system sure to please. 

Travel trailer suspension upgrades

This is better done by service professionals because it is a major upgrade. Upgrading your suspension can make your RV compatible with heavier loads, drive smoother and reduce the amount of wear and tear that your RV suffers during movement. Before you try to do something as highly technical as upgrading the suspension, make sure you contact a professional RV accessories installation and upgrade company like Auto Boss RVs to assist you with such a project.

This is a very small list of some of the possible RV upgrades Auto Boss RV can assist you with. call us with your RV, Camper upgrade needs today. And you can rest assured of quality accessories and installation services to help turn your RV from ordinary to extraordinary. Call us today for a free consultation about your RV upgrades and accessories. 480-986-1049