Enjoy your appliances again like it never was broken

At Auto Boss RV, outstanding RV appliance repair and maintenance is not a hassle. Here, qualified technicians meet modern technology to make your RV’s broken or under-performing appliances function like new again.

Appliances are important components that add to the comfort and beauty of your RV. Sadly, even the best products do break down at the most inconvenient time and you can either blame it on use, wear and tear or lousy luck. But the fact remains that when any of these appliances in your RV stops working unexpectedly; it leads to great discomfort, increased stress as well as possible safety risks. 

Irrespective of the appliance in question, it is vital to have a specialized team of experts, genuine replacement parts, and efficient repair and maintenance strategy to deliver the desired results quicklyLuckily for you, Auto Boss RV fulfills all of these requirements.

Our aim is to ensure you’re satisfied with the performance of your appliances for a long time. That’s why we respond quickly to your call, pull out all the stops to understand the challenge you’re facing and then go the entire length to provide the best possible solution to solving your problem. With this approach, we’ve been able to put a smile across the faces of over 1000+ of our pleased customers.

This is in tandem with the drive to provide top-notch RV appliance repair and maintenance services in Mesa, Arizona. Not only will we fix the problem affecting your appliances, we’ll go the extra mile to give you useful advice and suggestions on how to avoid future troubles.

Benefit with a reliable RV appliances repair and maintenance service in Mesa

• Cut cost and save precious time

At Auto Boss RV, we provide top quality RV repair and maintenance solutions at the most affordable cost possible.

And because we are a turnkey service provider, you get all the solution you need under one roof. This will save you time and money in running from pillar to post looking for solutions. You no longer need to travel around looking for genuine parts plus the quality of service. This means your appliances won’t be breaking down soon thus saving you considerable amount of money in multiple repairs.

 • Unmatched Expertise

We are pleased to put at your service a team of experienced and proven technicians that hold their own even in the face of the most challenging fixes. That’s not all; our technicians will get it right for you the first time without the hassle associated with trial and error methods seen elsewhere. Plus, they will be glad to talk you through the repair and maintenance process.

• Excellent Reputation

We are privileged to provide Mesa, Arizona with outstanding RV appliances repair and maintenance services since 1996. As a highly recommended company, we understand what is expected of us and we are pleased to tell you that we surpass these expectations all the time.

• Convenience

We don’t just fix the issue affecting your appliance. How we do it matters to us as well. With that at the back of our mind, we will ensure the problems are diagnosed and fixed quickly so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your appliances as soon as possible.

Other benefits Auto Boss RV provides include:

• Appliances evaluation

• Detailed and no strings attached quote

• Genuine spare parts

• Safety test of the repaired device


RV appliances we service and maintain include:

• RV furnace & heating system repairs, replacements and maintenance including: Furnace – inspect & clean blower, combustion chamber, control compartment, test gas line for leaks.

• RV hot water heater repairs, replacements and regular maintenance including: Flush Hot Water Heater , Hot Water Heater sacrificial electrode replace as needed , Manually Operate Pressure- temperature relief valve on Hot water Heater, Clean Hot water heater burner tube.

• RV refrigerator & freezer repairs, replacements and routine maintenance: Refrigerator – Defrost as necessary, Inspect refrigerator door seals, Inspect refrigerator burner, Inspect and clean burner, Inspect / clean the area at the rear of the refrigerator. Inspect refrigerator thermocouple.

• Inspect & replace as needed metal screens over furnace / hot water heater exhaust vents. Inspect & replace as necessary roof mounted appliance ventilation vents. 

• RV air conditioner repairs, replacements and and routine maintenance services including: Clean Air conditioner Filters & Inspect Air Conditioner Cover for Condition.

• RV Washer & Dryer repairs, replacement and operational checks. Check for correct water supply & draining procedures.

• RV stove top & oven repairs, replacements and routine maintenance including: Inspecting igniters, burners, gas supply, ventilation and thermocouple.

• RV Central Vacuum system repairs, replacement or upgrades. Let us add a brand new central vacuum system for you today.

We’ve helped tons of RV owners solve their appliance problems, we would like to help you too.

Call us today and have one less problem to worry about. 480-986-1049

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