RV Generator Repair in Mesa, AZ

We work on LP / Propane RV generators, Diesel RV generators & Gasoline RV generators. 
We service all makes & models including:


Protect your investment and avoid frustration when you need your RV generator the most.

Routine RV generator service is key. It is the best way you can ensure its optimal performance as well as prolonging its life span. Plus, it will save you more money in the long run.

Do you use your generator regularly? Or it’s been idle for a while? No matter the condition, don’t ignore this important part of your RV. Moisture build-up, leaks, fuel breakdown, oil contamination, hose/ line/ filter deterioration, air filter ineffectiveness , power surge and other things can occur from both use & simply sitting without use for extended periods of time. Non addressed service needs of your generator can also lead to damage of your appliances & electrical system. Generator surging is also a major cause of air conditioning failures and  inefficiencies. 

By keeping your generator in tip top condition, you’ll never have to experience the frustration of it failing when you need it the most. Don’t wait until it stops working mid-use before you visit us. RV generator service will benefit you in the following ways:

• Routine maintenance will detect potentially bigger issues before they develop into big blown problems. Meaning you’ll spend just a little to correct it at its earliest.

• It is cost effective- not only is our service affordable, by servicing your generator, you ensure it performs optimally. Low fuel consumption and the fact that you catch problems early make it a wise economic decision you should make.

• A well serviced generator generated lower emissions. Consider this your contribution to the protection of our planet.

• Servicing your generator regularly lowers safety risks and protect your appliances from getting damaged by power surges.

• Regular maintenance of your RV generator ensures it lasts longer allowing you to enjoy maximum value for your investment.

Auto Boss RV is known for stand-out RV generator service.

• Our technicians have the necessary skills, certifications and experience to service different types of RV generators models. Whether it is changing the oil filter, the oil, or keeping the moving parts well lubricated, we’ve got you covered!

• We use only genuine spare parts and materials from reputable brands

• Highly competitive prices

• Fast response and  turnaround time

• Our commitment to your satisfaction is non-negotiable. Our staff are friendly and will provide you with tips to protect your generator.

RV Generator Repair & Overhaul Service.

Should you need more than your standardized RV maintenance & service, Auto Boss RV has got you covered.

• RV generator complete diagnostics services available.

• RV generator engine rebuilding or replacement.

• RV generator stater rewinding or replacement.

• RV generator rotor rewinding or replacement.

• RV generator carburetor repairs or replacement.

Auto Boss RV can assist you with any of the above mentioned or any another RV generator problem you may have. So why should you settle for less? Contact us now for your RV generator service you can bank on; we’ll be glad to assist you. 480-986-1049

RV generator service

Auto Boss RV Technician Repairing RV Generator.