Get the value you deserve

Stack the odds in your favor with the best kind of RV inspection service that believes you deserve full value for your investment. One that combines the eye for details, modern technology, and “seen that, done that” priceless experience spanning 2+ decades to ensure you’re getting the RV of your dreams.

Our services include:

• Pre- purchase inspections- before you spend your money; we’ll provide you with vita Intel regarding the condition of the RV so you can make a decision in your best interest.

• Insurance Inspection- here our experts will assist you with your insurance claims by providing unbiased and detailed documentation regarding the condition, mileage, drive train, appliances and electronics on the RV.

• Condition Inspection– the condition of the body, electrical, mechanical, gas and all other systems of the RV is documented. 

• Damage or accident Inspections– the RV is inspected to determine the extent of damage for legal, insurance, and budget reasons.

Everything about Auto Boss RV is aimed at giving you the comparative advantage from free quote/ consultations, to reasonable priced RV inspection service and the best-in-class customer service.

Here you’ll quickly realize you made the best decision because:

• We employ the latest technology available to give you fast and accurate results.

• You’ll be at home with our courteous, experienced, and committed RV inspectors to perform a truly comprehensive inspection. Catching flaws, noting risks, and providing unbiased assessments are areas we shine through.

• Whether you want to buy, sell, or planning to hit the road, our reports are detailed and unbiased so you can confidently make informed decisions.

• We inspect all types of RV’S– Class A, B, or C; gas or diesel; new or used RVs; we inspect them all making us your one-stop-shop for all your RV inspection needs.

• We provide outstanding fluid analysis that can quickly provide vital information about the condition of the RV.

• Our services are highly competitively priced giving you the opportunity to cut cost, save more, and attain your RV goals.

• We check the roof, sidewall, rooms, awnings, chassis, electrical systems, appliances, plumbing, engine, safety and gas system as appropriate for overall condition, leaks, sealants, make, operating mechanism, wiring, age, connectors, size, running hours, oil and coolant levels etc.

• You’re guaranteed peace of mind with a registered, licensed and qualified RV inspectors

Make the wise move today. Whether you’re buying or selling, or you are concerned about insurance or warranty claims, Auto Boss RV  will provide you with high quality, comprehensive and affordable RV inspection services- get in touch today. 480-986-1049