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RV Oil change service
Since the discovery of friction and its potentially devastating effects on moving parts of engines, lubrication has become an important part of all machines. Although modern vehicles may have been designed with excellent lubrication systems that allows you to seemingly pay less attention to their lubrication needs, it is undeniable that you cannot afford to totally ignore oil changes for your RV/ Motorhome. The oil that ensures the smooth running of your RV engine only lasts at its full capacity for a certain amount of miles. You would need to change it regularly if you do not want a breakdown. Often, RV an oil change is not a task you can do yourself. We have competent and qualified RV technicians that are always ready to attend to your oil change needs.

Importance of changing your RV/Motorhome engine and oil filter.
The importance of changing your RV/Motorhome engine and oil filter when due cannot be overstated. Your vehicle’s lifespan is hugely dependent on how well you keep it lubricated. Change the oil regularly and it would last for years, fail to do so and you can expect breakdowns of your engine prematurely.

Why you need to keep your engine lubricated.
Extend the life of your vehicle. A direct relationship exists between keeping your Motorhome lubricated and the life span of the vehicle. Ideally, you should ensure you check the oil level of your RV/Motorhome engine before every trip and top off when required. Even when you do this, a complete oil change would be necessary at recommended intervals. Changing the oil ensures the vehicle’s lubrication system is not compromised and the friction between moving parts do not lead to pre mature wear and tear.

Some people who do not change their oil when due thinking they are saving costs.

But the fact is that it is always easier to maintain any system than to repair it. Your engine could break down totally if it is not properly lubricated. To get your RV/Motorhome running after an engine breakdown usually requires a complete overhaul. And you guessed right! An engine overhaul is way more expensive.

Better engine performance and improved fuel mileage.
An engine that is poorly lubricated would be under-performing and you can never get the best performance out of your vehicle under these circumstances.  As any RV owner would know, having a RV that can’t perform optimally is almost always worse than having none at all.

Required for most warranty and extended service contracts.
Your manufacturing company or extended service contract provider has the right to void your warranty if you fail to change your oil regularly. This should be enough to tell you that regular oil change is germane to the maintenance of your vehicle. 

How frequently should I change the oil of my RV/Motorhome engine?
Typically, there are set oil change intervals for most vehicles. For Motorhome engines, under extreme conditions. Like running in the hot Arizona summer heat & possibly even towing the recommended oil change interval is as often as every three thousand for a gas engine and 7,500 for a diesel engine. Also regardless of miles it is recommended to have your RV/ Motorhome oil changed at least once a year.

Synthetic oil versus non-synthetic debate
Since the introduction of synthetic oils for vehicles, they have steadily gained more popularity and widespread acceptance. The general consensus is that synthetic oils are actually better than conventional oils. They are known to lubricate gas and diesel engines better than conventional oils. Better performance in extreme weather, slightly reduced oil change frequency, and superior protection are just a few of the numerous advantages of synthetic oils over conventional oils.
If you are using a synthetic oil for your RV/ Motorhome engine, you can conveniently reduce the oil change frequency without running the risk of wearing out your engine parts. Synthetic oils typically oxidize more slowly when compared with conventional oils. You can therefore expect them to last longer. 

Filter changes are also important to the performance of your engine.

Partially or completely clogged filter could create a host of problems such as the entry of debris into your engine, decrease in fuel mileage, problems starting or accelerating, etc. Air filter changes should also follow the manufacturer’s recommendation but you should conduct an additional check anytime you driving in a desert environment like Arizona. 

Manufacturer considerations. 
If you RV/Motorhome is still covered by manufacturer’s new warranty, using a synthetic oil may lead to a forfeiture of the warranty. If you want to use synthetic oil, you should first check with your manufacturer to see if it is permitted. You shouldn’t have too much problem doing this because most manufacturers are not ignorant of the superiority of synthetic oils over conventional motor oils.

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